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What doctors don’t tell you about sleeping pills

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What doctors don’t tell you about sleeping pills

The shortest route taken to get rid of inconsistent sleep is a bead-size pill. Yes, the sleeping pill could be your champion friend for that specific night, but how long will you summon it to be your angel in disguise? Days, months? No.

It is captivating to read a sentence that says, “Thank god, there is a PILL for everything”. You may never know these sleeping pills can spoil your health permanently.

The sleeping pills or Z-drugs commonly found in a medical store are “Sonata”, “Lunesta” and “Ambien”. Sound like watch brands, isn’t it? Perhaps, this could be the reason why time clocks and sleep recline in the same direction.

On a serious note, there are quite a few complications left unsaid about sleeping pills.

At the start, you may ignore the ill-effects of these pills. There is a report from Everyday health that says, “Recent data has revealed that people who take certain forms of the sleeping pill like Zolpidem (Ambien) may still have enough of the drug in their bodies to impair activities like driving in the morning. Women and people who take extended release forms of the drug are nevertheless at risk.


The even more frightening thought is you would have least expected to suddenly fall in the middle of a road. A recent study in the Journal of Medicine as claimed by Dr.Leavey of Mercy Hospital – “Your entire body is balanced on two little feet. The sensors on your feet constantly measure the centre of gravity and where you are. If I prescribe you a drug that dulls that system, you’ll fall down.”

The mistake many of us do by taking a sleep pill is, we unknowingly outweigh risks more than benefits. At this rate, there is going to be a high chance of getting addicted to pills. And, it becomes more evident by the side- effects.

The prominent side-effects of using sleep pill range from changes in appetite, dizziness, dry throat to constipation. And, wait! The list does not end here.

Generally, substances that are used rightly within the prescribed limit bring no major harm. Ralph Downey III, Director of Loma Linda University pacifies us by saying, “These side effects are possible but avoidable. If your doctor has prescribed the correct dosage, and consequently you take the pill according to the doctor’s instructions, the medication should work effectively without a morning hangover.”

Facts that pertain to the advantages of sleeping pill are short-lived and you must take alternate steps that are healthy and ever-lasting.

The phase of vanquishing pills from the medicine box can be exhausting. This is where Yoga and Meditation come handy. At the beginning of withdrawing stage, you might feel that breaking the dependence on pills can be a derailing process. As time and effort bind together, you should be able to put yourself on track.

To do :-

  • First things first. Do not hesitate to ask for medical and psychological support
  • Relaxation techniques such as Pranayam or breathing exercise provide major relief
  • Know the root cause of sleeplessness. Combat by communicating with family/friends
  • Practice yoga for disturbed sleep pattern
  • Increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep your body revitalized

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