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101 Nights Money Back Guarantee

MinistryOfSleep / 101 Nights Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed satisfaction with our 101 Nights Money-back Guarantee

  • Maya comes with a 101 nights guarantee. The Money-back Guarantee begins from the date of purchase. While we’re sure you’ll love the product, you can return the undamaged mattress for a full refund within 101 days, no questions asked.
  • We’d like you to try your new mattress for at least 30 days. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface and for the mattress to adjust to your body’s natural contour. The return policy applies only after 30 days from purchase.
  • Original invoice must be submitted with the return request.
  • While the mattress pickup will be managed by us, you need to bear the cost of transport.
  • The mattress must be in the same condition as when it was delivered. If the mattress is damaged physically, has stains, cuts, burns, ironing marks, etc., the mattress will not be accepted for return. In such conditions, the 101 nights Money-back Guarantee shall not be applicable.
  • To know more about the returns & warranty, please refer Warranty & Quality Assurance

But first - Is Maya right for me?

mattress for back pain in india

Maya is great for your spine

Maya’s unique Hybrid pocket spring panel provide softer feel for the shoulder and stronger support for the back and lumbar region. The reinforced middle helps the spine maintain the natural S shape, crucial for back relief. You don’t wake up with aches and pains next morning.


A mattress that breathes…with a stretchable bio cotton fabric and pencil pin core latex, you are assured of a cool surface that embraces you gently.


The most sought after materials – Latex and memory foam combine to give the right level of sink providing pressure relief for the tired muscles. After a good night’s sleep your body feels 100% rested.

And just in case you feel otherwise, we got you covered with the 101 nights returns assurance. Go ahead and try Maya @ the comfort of your home.

Slept over the idea of a new mattress?
Don’t miss out on MAYA

memory foam mattress

nights Money-back Guarantee

  • What do we do with a returned mattress?

    Mattresses taken back after the trial are donated to local charities. Alternatively the mattress materials are sold as scrap. Returned mattresses are never circulated back to a new customer. That’s a company commitment.