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Sleeplessness – Is it the sign of an intelligent mind

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Sleeplessness – Is it the sign of an intelligent mind

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

–  Albert Einstein

Did you know the man behind this quote slept for 10 to 11 hours a day? Not only this, he had the habit of taking short naps during the day.

On the other side, if you are one of those who find it hard to sleep, because – You have been waiting all day to catch up on your favourite serial episode or to know the climax of a book you are currently reading. Yes? Then, welcome to the club of intelligent minds.

It’s true that our busy lifestyle has left most of us to find it hard to hit the bed early. Health experts proclaim excessive gadget usage at night, erratic work schedules and over thinking causes sleeplessness.

Here is a task: Answer “Yes” or “No” for the following questions;

  • Do you feel irritable and lazy during the day?
  • Do you feel tired all of a sudden at any point in time?
  • Do you sense a struggle controlling emotions?
  • Do you see coffee to be your alert technique?

If you answered “Yes” to the majority of questions above, it is an indication that you have made sleeplessness your best friend.

To come out of this, doctors suggest a minimum 7 to 9 hours of sleep a must.

Despite the symptoms, sleeplessness is perceived to the sign of a higher intelligence quotient. Yes, according to an article by Psychology Today, intelligent people are likely to be nocturnal than individuals with lower IQ. Now, this comes as a breather to the ones who thought they lack proper sleep.

Below is the IQ level of anyone who goes late to sleep. If you find yourself between the scores of 100 and 145, voila! You are amongst the smartest in your block.

The Data below shows the range of different IQ levels

With an IQ of 154, Sharon Stone, the intelligent and attractive actress of hollywood, took 10 to 20 minutes of power nap on the sets.

Stephen hawking, the incredible physicist with an IQ of 160, sleeps for 8 hours in the night and wakes up refreshed to start his routine.

Contrary to ineffectiveness of sleep deprivation, Thomson Edison considered sleep to be a waste of time.

In an interview to Fortune, Reinemund (Dean of Wake Forest University) says, “If you get six hours a night and feel well-rested when you wake up and don’t get tired throughout the day, that kind of tells  you. Your body will tell you if you don’t get enough sleep.”

An activity conducted by Westminster researchers tells that the saliva samples of 42 volunteers with non-identical sleep hours found out that people who woke up early suffered high levels of Cortisol, an active stress hormone. Now this should make the night owls happy, isn’t it?

Here is an interesting video that talks about advantages of getting less sleep. Watch it now!




Let us now look at some of the attainable strategies to follow for an intelligent mind that does not go to sleep early;

  • Diet. What you eat is highly significant. Poor diet can result in a bad state of health
  • Meditate for a couple of minutes in the morning as well as night. This makes the mind and body to relax
  • Sleeplessness can cause dark circles around the eyes. Start taking precautions in the form of effective eye creams and almond oil
  • Water plays a huge role in making the brain cells activate. Drink plenty of water as required
  • If you have planned to sleep late, make sure you do not disturb others sleeping in the house. A calm environment works best for you
  • It works great if you spend time in organizing tasks and  not necessarily make sleeplessness a habit

Is your old mattress giving you hard times to sleep? Want to have the siesta that does not scamper you to wake up? Take up the 101 nights challenge to see what really can put you to a gentle sleep.

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