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Sleep tips for new moms

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Sleep tips for new moms

Sleep is a vital part of our everyday lives. And when we consider new moms, a good sleep becomes even more important. After months of unsettled nights, nights of tossing and turning in the bed with the big baby bump, one might think that you get prepared for the starting few months after the baby is born, but that is not the case. All those nights of getting used to unorthodox patterns of sleeping during pregnancy doesn’t prepare you for what’s coming. New moms just out of pregnancy need copious amount of sleep to restore their health conditions. The mothers who regain their health and fitness do so by allowing themselves to sleep as much as they feel necessary. Even 3-4 hour naps everyday during the first 6 months since the baby’s birth is really appreciated by the mother’s body.

Birth of a child is the most wonderful thing to happen for every women. Mother is the sole bearer of this adorably blissful gift. For a new mom, birth of her baby instills a combination of euphoria as well as nervous energy that drives throughout the baby’s growing period. For a new mom, it is all about taking care of the baby and getting him/her the best possible attention throughout the day as well as the night. This transcends into nocturnal patterns of sleep depending on the sleeping or rather the waking habit of the baby. But mothers aren’t supposed to turn off their personal care during these times. You cannot be the best for the baby, unless you be the best for yourself, and sleep plays a very major role in shaping your bond with the baby. It is better to get a good sleep and stay fresh and active with the baby than waste out on your sleep and walk around like an irritable, self-loathing and lethargic zombie.

Here are few simple tips to assist you during your days of being a new mom and increase the odds of sweet slumber:

Avoid computers and television

It might seem tempting to look out for distractions in the form of watching TV or browsing the Internet over your laptops after being drained out of caring after the baby. But that is highly counterproductive, your body needs to rest, and even if you are having trouble falling asleep, it is advisable to avoid sitting in front of the screen.

Sleep and wake with the baby

Try and develop a same sleep-wake cycle as that of the baby, at least in the starting few months after the baby is born. You might think, “Why bother sleeping when the baby is gonna wake up screaming now and then?” It may be difficult in the beginning but bears fruitful results in the long run. It helps to establish a lovely trusting rapport between the mother and the child and also relieves them from various health ailments.

Being supermom isn’t all about losing sleep for your kid

You want to take care of your child and make sure that he/she gets the best attention. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself too. Get a good sleep and ask a family member or hire a babysitter to take care of the bay for couple of hours in a day.

Strategize with your spouse

Create a plan for handling the baby care with your partner, after all you both are the parents. Loss of sleep can cause stress and irritation which may lead to mindless arguments and fall outs. You don’t want to resent your husband for sleeping better and more than you, so it is better to figure out a system that works for both of you and go into each night with a plan. Once you’re in it together, the pressure becomes less and the resentment for each other also vanishes.
Lie down and rest, even if you can’t sleep.
Even when you are tired, you can’t seem to fall asleep. Don’t stress yourself about it. Simply lying down for half an hour can also be highly rejuvenating for the body. Stay off the phone.
Don’t rely on coffee.
A cup of early morning coffee can be really motivating and can give you that jolt to stay alert all day for the baby. But overdoing it can cause more harm than good, as it may actually prevent you from falling asleep when you finally decide to lie down.

Don’t be shy to ask for help

You have done way enough to deserve a little rest for yourself. You have carried the weight of a baby and still managed all daily chores for your family for way too long. You have earned a pass to take care of just yourself for the time being. So, ask out for help, outsource people, and you will find people who are willing to help out in your chores like house cleaning, grocery shopping and other essentials.

In summary

  • Delegate extra chores to people who are there for your help
  • Pump milk in advance, so someone can feed the baby while you are peacefully asleep.
  • Even if you can’t sleep, rest properly while the baby is asleep
  • Organize & collaborate with your spouse. If he seems clueless about what to do, give him specific tasks.
  • Don’t drink more than 1 cup of caffeine per day.
  • Keep off televisions and other visual medium of distractions during late nights

Sleep healthy and sleep well. You want to be there for the baby at your very best and take the best care, and for that you need to take the best care of yourself.

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