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Our Story

MinistryOfSleep / Our Story

The Genesis

The concept began in early 2015, testing of Maya was done right throughout 2015 with beta customers in Jan- Mar 2016 and official launch was done in April 2016. If you wish to connect up, please write to, we would love to hear from you.

Our Philosophy

Provide world class products and value for money to customers through our expertise, professionalism and creativity in designing and building quality products.

Our Commitment

It took years of planning, endless discussions and conceptualisation to make MinistryOfSleep become a reality. It comes from a strong belief that India can unlock its productivity through better sleep and the team is out to make this as reality.

The first amongst our stable of products is Maya, the mattress that fits all needs. Our customer-obsessed and passionate team has served in the mattress industry for long years and is committed to the dream of building one mattress that fits every need.

It took every ounce of expertise in Innovation, Market Research and Customer Engagement to conceptualize the design of Maya and give it wings.

Promise of Quality

Quality to us starts very early in the lifecycle. Right from raw material selection to productions processes, training the staff and inspections at each stage, the entire manufacturing is designed to produce Quality that wins your trust.

Our products are manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified factory where over 30,000 of mattresses are produced every year.

Giving great quality to consumers leads to happy customers and nothing delights us more than a satisfied customer.

Team behind Ministry Of Sleep

The team is a blend of mattress production expertise, design thinking and eCommerce capability. As individuals no one claims to be a hero, but as a team, we know we can move mountains.

Design Team

  • Sangeetha – over twenty years of experience in the mattress industry, specialised in fabrics consultanting.
  • Sarah Abraham – Fashion and Design consultant joined hands with Sangeetha to design the unique hybrid mattress

Operations Team

  • Laiju – Seasoned IT & Operations Leader with deep expertise in Home Furnishing domain.

Marketing Team

  • Natarajan Alagappan & Ajay Batra – Experienced professionals with expertise in e-commerce and passion for venturing into uncharted territory.