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Mattress Selection Simplified

Watch the crafting of your dream mattress

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mattress for back pain in india

Maya is great for your spine

Maya’s unique Hybrid pocket spring panel provide softer feel for the shoulders, heel region and stronger support for the back and lumbar region. The reinforced middle helps the spine maintains the natural S shape, crucial for back relief. You don’t wake up with aches and pains next morning.


perfect for couples

Zero motion transfer helps you sleep undisturbed without feeling your partner tossing and turning in bed.


glorious comfort

Memory foam moulds perfectly to your body shape providing pressure relief for the tired muscles.

Buy mattress online with 10 years warranty


Maya Luxury – 10yrs Warranty
Maya Firm – 5yrs Warranty

Order a mattress online with 101 nights risk-free trial

101 nights money back guarantee

Mattress online best price in Bangalore

Unbeatable prices

Starting price @ Rs.9,550/-

Latex mattress

MAYA Luxury

for those who wish to have
soft comfort and bounce

memory foam mattress
  • Latex and memory foam for plush comfort
  • Ideal for below 85kgs wt
  • Pocket spring for zero partner disturbance
  • Prices start from Rs.12,500 onwards


for those who wish to
have firm support and pressure relief

memory foam mattress
  • Memory foam for contouring support and pressure relief
  • Re bonded Foam for extra firmness
  • Ideal for back support
  • Prices start from Rs.9,550 onwards

Unable to get your sleep right? Read between our Mattress layers

Watch the crafting of your dream mattress

  • Bio cotton fabric

    Mattress Price

    Soft stretchable & breathable fabric ensures luxurious sleep surface. This stretchable fabric enables breathability to help thermal balance. Sleep cool, any season.

  • Latex and Memory

    memory foam mattress

    Provides responsive support, breathability and anti dust mite properties. Your mattress stays cool due to the 100% natural pin core Latex. The visco-elastic memory foam provides contouring support and pressure relief. NASA designed visco elastic memory foam to take the body contour and remove stress from pressure point.

  • Rebonded foam

    foam mattress

    Provides firmness, comfort and relief from back pain.

  • Pocket spring

    mattress online Bangalore

    Heat tempered steel springs, individually wrapped to provide support and alignment with the body contour. You don’t experience partner disturbance.

Hear others sleep

Slept over the idea of a new mattress?
Don’t miss out on MAYA

memory foam mattress

nights money back guarantee

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