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memory foam mattress

Read between layers

Top layers

Soft stretchable & breathable fabric ensures luxurious sleep surface. This stretchable fabric enables breathability to help thermal balance. Sleep cool, any season.

Provides responsive support, breathability and anti dust mite properties. Your mattress stays cool due to the 100% natural pin core Latex

Latex mattress
spring mattress

Core layers

Heat tempered steel springs, individually wrapped to provide support and alignment with the body contour. You don’t experience partner disturbance. Further the hybrid pocket spring – Softer on shoulders and feet and firmer in the middle ensures you get firm support in the back and lumbar region and comfort under the head and shoulders.

The visco-elastic memory foam provides contouring support and pressure relief. NASA designed visco elastic memory foam to take the body contour and remove stress from pressure point.

Bottom layers

PU Foam by design has minute cell walls (similar to a bee-hive structure) which compress and decompress to provide the necessary softness. it is inert and hypoallergic

Anti-skid cotton felt is the bottom layer. It provides the mattress with resistance from skiding on the cot.

spring mattress

Did you know?

A mattress with less cushioning is more likely to support a neutral-spine position during sleep.
Too much or too little firmness can cause you back pains and disturbed sleep..

mattress for back pain in india
MAYA’s key to good night sleep; Right firmness

Easy on the shoulders, firm on the spine.

Maya’s unique Hybrid pocket spring provide softer feel for the shoulder and stronger support for the back and lumbar region. The reinforced middle helps the spine maintain the natural S shape, crucial for back relief.

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Choose the right kind for the right sleep

Spring Mattress

The most commonly owned and sold type is the traditional innerspring mattress, in which the support system is made up of steel coils, coming in different shapes and forms. All of the better mattresses nowadays use independently pocketed coils providing even support, better contouring of your body, reduced motion transfer and improved durability.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are made from latex foam that could be natural, synthetic or a blend of the two. Latex is a great alternative for people who do not like the molding feel of memory foam but are still looking for a high quality, pressure-relieving product. Latex foam is more resilient than memory foam, providing exceptional durability, and making it easier to turn from one side to another. They are also hypoallergenic, and sleep quite cool in comparison to memory foam. Additionally, latex is the only mattress type in which the components can be certified Organic.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam, also referred to as visco-elastic foam, is a material known for its superior pressure relieving quality, which helps reduce tossing and turning. The benefits of memory foam include being supportive, pressure relieving, durable, resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and mites. It reduces motion transfer across the mattress and provides a signature molding/melting feel