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(IOT) Internet of things in Sleep

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(IOT) Internet of things in Sleep

Sleep is the basic necessity of all humans, it not only refreshes your body but also helps you to perform better and improve memory. Sleep comfort has been of uttermost priority to mankind, from building haystack bed to cosy comfortable scientifically designed mattress, we have come a long way. Only after a good peaceful sleep the body is completely ready for the day. We all know what happens when we do not get adequate amount or proper conditions for sleeping, swollen eyes, clumsiness and a rush for hot beverage every now and then. The most difficult part of a bad sleep is to identify the core factor responsible for ruining our sleep

Fortunately for us, we now have Internet of things (IOT) to monitor and track our sleeping patterns, understand how to sleep better &  ensure peaceful sleep.

Today in the age of fast growing technology, wondering how to sleep better? Many industries are investing a lot of resources to deliver a perfect condition and environment for the perfect sleep. They are studying about all the aspects and parameters that affect sleep. A study has revealed that temperature, humidity, light, sound and air around you are a few environmental factor that determines the course of your sleep also blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature are some of physical body factors responsible for the same. In 21st century, where technology has made inroads into almost every part and moment of our life,  many companies are working towards these principal factors to design a devices that guarantees a good night sleep.

The most recent invention is IOT’s that is revolutionising sleep forever to have a good night sleep.  


Wearable gear

Wearable gears are a lot in fashion, most of the industry is exploiting the area to design “cool” & “trendy” items that not only deliver the essential but also is a style statement. There are many wearable gadgets to choose from, all these gadgets have different features but a common goal “to deliver a sound sleep”. Companies such as Jawbone UP series, MisFits, Fitbits, Withings Pulse O2s, Nike + Fuelband, Microsoft Bands, and My Basis Peaks have a series of devices dedicated for the cause.

The purpose of these wearable devices is to monitor your physical body conditions, such as heart rate, temperature, blood pressure etc. that are an important factor of sleep. They devices study and analyse your sleep cycle and suggest the best sleep rituals.

Mobile Applications

With over millions of mobile application in our mobile store, they have become an integral part of our life. We have an application for almost all our needs. If you are unable to sleep at night, mobile application just might have the solution to ensure that you sleep better with the ideal conditions around you. Many applications such as Simple sleep sound, Sleep cycle and alarm, sleep as android, sleep bot, calm and many many more application are designed to improve your sleep. These applications are based on scientific research and stimulate the environment as per the user needs, all you need is to switch on the application and position it by your pillow or close to where you body and have a good night sleep. The next morning when you wake up it will have all the information about you last night sleep and also the alarm are carefully designed to wake you up not at an instance by a shock but within a prior set the wake period i.e. between  15-20 min before you actually get the final wake up call. It sets the background for you to wake up from deep sound sleep.  All these are a necessity if you are unable to sleep at night.

Remember these applications not only monitor your sleep but also regulate external factors for an uninterrupted sleep.

Intelligent Smart Bed & Mattress

21st century is the century of smartness, our lives is surrounded by smart devices making each day of our life easier, still if you are unable to sleep at night, smart bed just might be the latest technological device you need. These beds actually are the perfect solution for all sleep disorder as these bed have built in artificial intelligence and simple IQs. These bed study and analyse your sleep habits and maintain a record for all your needs.

These bed along with the smart mattress are a complete solution, imagine your bed adjusting to your preferred size, mattress self adjusting the temperature with respect to the environment and all these just before your time to sleep. Yes all this is possible, the smart mattress keeps a record of your sleep routine and analyse all the body physical and biological data, just to make the best bed for you every night. All you have to do is fall on your bed every night whenever you feel sleepy and the bed automatically sets the condition for the perfect sleep.

Technology is changing the way we live, sleep & spend our time, share your experience and become part of larger community to help India sleep better and faster.

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