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Frequently Asked Questions

MinistryOfSleep / Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Mattress Material and Type
  • Mattress Dimensions
  • Payment and Delivery
  • 101 Nights Money-back Guarantee
  • Warrenty and Certification

What are the materials used in the Maya mattress?

Maya mattress uses:

  1. Individually wrapped spring core (hybrid pocket springs): Heat tempered steel springs are individually wrapped to provide increased durability, weight and body contour alignment and to prevent motion transfer. You don’t experience partner disturbance.
  2. Memory foam: This provides contouring support and pressure relief. You get firm support in the back and lumbar region, soft support under the head and shoulders. NASA designed visco elastic memory foam to take the body contour and remove stress from pressure points.
  3. Dual perimeter edge support system:
  • Foam encased edge prevents edge softness, gives support for better durability and provides greater sleep surface.
  • Border wire gives additional edge support to avoid sinking as a person gets up.
  1. Top surface layer bio cotton fabric: This stretchable fabric enables breathability to help thermal balance. Sleep cool, any season.

Layer specific to MAYA Luxury:

  • Natural Latex foam: Latex provides responsive support, breathability and anti-dust mite properties. Your mattress does not smell, get hot or trigger allergies as latex is naturally resistant to  dust mites, is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Layer specific to MAYA Ortho:

  • The memory foam between Natural Latex foam on top and High-density Natural Latex in bottom gives a comfort and back support to the sleeper

Tell me more about Maya Mattress.

The Maya mattress is the brainchild of the Ministry Of Sleep, mattress selection simplified, Maya luxury uses a unique, time-tested combination of high-density memory foam and premium natural latex foam. Memory foam contours your body perfectly while latex keeps the mattress cool. It also gives aligning balance.

Your Maya luxury and Maya ortho mattress are covered under a 10 year limited warranty. Plus, you get the 101 nights Money-back Guarantee. We further guarantee that we do not use recycled or reused raw materials for making the Maya mattress.

Is Maya mattress suitable for back / spine problems?

Back pain is caused by many reasons – bad posture, medical issues or lifestyle induced problems. In MAYA Ortho the memory foam between Natural Latex foam on top and High-density Natural Latex in bottom gives a comfort and back support to the sleeper, but Maya is not a therapy for back problems.

The best way to know for sure is to use the 101 nights Money-back Guarantee of Maya mattress.

Are there any age or weight barriers for Maya Mattress?

People of any age can use the Maya mattress.

People with weight less than 75kgs can use Maya luxury mattress.

Does the mattress emanate a smell?

The mattress comes fresh from factory, directly to your home. It is possible that some of the glue used for making the mattress may not have dried completely. If you find a smell coming from the mattress, please switch on the fan at high speed and air out the mattress without using bedsheets. After 3 hours of airing out, all smell will disappear.

Does the Maya mattress resist dust mites?

Although we have not exclusively tested Maya for dust mite resistance, studies prove that the Latex foam (top layer) is dust mite resistant.

Can I flip (Upside down) my mattress?

Maya Ortho mattress that is solid foam throughout, will be able to be flipped because it’s the same material on both sides. However, Maya Luxury only be intended to be slept on face up, as the bottom layer won’t have the same comfort level.
But, we do recommend rotating the mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months for the long life of the mattress.

In what dimensions are the mattress available ?

Maya mattress is available in the following dimensions:


Bed Size Mattress Dimensions (inches)
  • 72”x36”X7”
  • 75”x36”X7”
  • 78”x36”X7”
Queen Size
  • 72”x60”X7”
  • 75”x60”X7”
  • 78”x60”X7”
King Size
  • 75”x72”X7”
  • 78”x72”X7”
Divan Size
  • 72”X30”X7”

For customised or non-standard dimension, contact our customer care.

How much does the mattress weigh ?

Maya mattress comes in 3 sizes – single, queen and king. There are variations in dimensions of queen and king mattress as well. A queen size mattress weighs about 35kgs

Is there any weight limit for the person sleeping on the mattress?

Although there is no specified limit for the weight the mattress can support, our experience shows that  Maya works best upto a weight of 85kgs per person.

Is there any place to see and experience the Maya mattress?

Visit our world class experience center at Museum Road and choose the mattress of your choice in a home like environment.

  • Mattress experts are available on selected days every week to help you choose the right mattress for you and your family.
  • Unlike regular mattress companies, we sell our mattresses online only – fresh from the factory to your doorstep.

Before visiting the experience center need to book prior appointment @ 7847872121, so that we can make arrangements for the expert availability.

Visit us @ MinistryOfSleep

Sleep Craft Retail Pvt. Ltd.

No: 6, Bldg. #9 & 10 Off Museum Road,

Opposite SBI Bangalore- 560001

How is Maya mattress prices lower than offline market prices?

Since we are selling Maya online only, the cost of warehousing, showroom costs, sales commissions and other overheads are eliminated. Furthermore, all the mattress layers are manufactured and assembled in-house. The mattress is delivered fresh from the factory to your home. And we pass on the savings to you.

Do you offer any discount?

Maya mattress is priced very reasonably as compared to similar products in the market. Maya luxury comes with 101 nights Money-back Guarantee program and 10 years warranty which is our commitment to provide best in class products and service to our customers.

This does not leave us with any more scope to give any additional price discounts or offer promotions.

Do you have exchange for my existing mattress?

Unfortunately we don’t take any old mattresses.

What is the 101 nights Money-back Guarantee?

Maya mattress comes with a 101 nights Money-back Guarantee. You can use the mattress for 101 nights to feel confident about your decision. If you find you don’t like it, you can return it and receive a full refund. Read more

What do you do with returned mattresses?

Our first choice is to donate the returned mattresses to local charities. Alternatively the mattress materials are sold as scrap. Returned mattresses are never circulated back to a new customer. That’s a company commitment

Is 101 night’s trial applicable for Protector?

101 nights Trial is applicable only for Maya mattresses.

Does the mattress come with warranty?

10 year limited warranty for MAYA Luxury and MAYA Ortho
Get the warranty details.

What certifications does the mattress hold?

Maya mattresses are manufactured in a factory which is ISO 9001 compliant. Latex foam which is the most important component of the mattress conforms to certifications such as LGA-tested (tested and monitored safety and quality), ECO-Standard and Stork.





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