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3 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer |

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how to protect your mattress

3 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer |

“ A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” – Says, an Irish proverb.

And to augment the sleep cycle as your aid for a good night’s sleep, it is really important to get the right mattresses.
A good mattress must deliver the utilities it promises to furnish. While buying the desirable mattress, comfort and durability are the key performance factors to keep in mind. Marketing tactics may entice you in the beginning but a well-informed mind as a prerequisite will contemplate in making a smart decision.

To leverage good night’s sleep, the art of choosing the right mattress becomes an important constituent.

For instance, let us say you have bought the mattress. Now, how do you plan to maintain its lastingness?

The following questions will give you a new approach to the theory of maintenance.

  • Do you frequently sit on the edge of the mattress?
  • Do you mattress protector from the beginning?
  • On occasions, do you feel the mattress appear dampish?
  • Does your mattress sag on either side?
  • How often do you change the mattress?

According to a year end report by Mattress Inquirer, “When shopping for a latex mattress, the key things to consider are the type of latex, the layer construction, and the certifications.” Technically these criteria are the qualities for a long-running mattress.

Maintaining the life of mattress could be a challenging task ahead. An article from huffington post reads, “Once you’ve invested in a good mattress, chances are you can expect it to provide comfortable sleep on it for many years. An average mattress is designed to last anywhere from five to ten years or more, though how it is maintained can shorten or lengthen your bed’s lifespan.”

On the hindsight, you may know how mattress could be your friend in need when maintained for a long time. Here is what the world’s most humble president had to say.

“My lifestyle is a consequence of my wounds. I’m the son of my history. There have been years when I would have been happy just to have a mattress.” – José “Pepe” Mujica, the former president of Uruguay.


The 3 “Do’s” to pitch in for extending the life of your mattress are:

  • Turn your mattress either ways. Repeat the process 4 times a year
  • Vacuum the mattress once in 3 months to avoid bed bugs.
  • Use a waterproof mattress protector right from the date of purchase

To a large extent, choosing the right mattress is closely linked to personal satisfaction leading to a considerable change in health for the better.

Still not confident and confused on how to test your mattress before investing in it? The best practice of buying a mattress is to actually sleep and experience the mattress for a minimum of 8 – 10 hours. With our busy lives a 5 minute test at the showroom with a pushy salesman around, certainly buying mattress can be a confusing process on its own. With such variant configurations and choices, sure you would feel overwhelmed with sudden information overload.

With Maya, you get to experience the unique configuration, the first of its kind in India to fit across all age groups and lifestyle for 101 nights. Simply put, Maya the mattress is one mattress that fits all with 101 nights risk free trial. Maya’s unique design has specific elements needed for a long-lasting mattress quality. The composition of the mattress are so unique whose stretchable fabric, a 3 zone spring and 100% natural latex leave you energized.

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