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Bangalore Mattress City of India

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Bangalore Mattress City of India

Bangalore Mattress City  is not a title generally attributed to South India’s most populated city. Bangalore is known as the garden city because of its lush greenery and beautiful (but disappearing) lakes. It is known as the Silicon Valley of India due to its role as the largest exporter of IT (Information Technology) in the nation. It is known for its pleasant weather and pub culture, but rarely as the mattress capital of India.

Bangalore sees increasing sales of mattresses every year and is also home to many of India’s top brands. Kurlon, Restolex and Duroflex have their offices located in Bangalore. These brands were amongst the first into the mattress industry in India, putting Bangalore on the map for mattress makers in terms of history. Companies such as Kurlon and Restolex were pioneers in the market for mattresses with over 35 years of experience in the production and sale of their products. Kurlon has gone on to become India’s largest selling mattress and Restolex has become a household favourite.

Not only is Bangalore relevant to the history of India’s mattress industry, it has also stayed pertinent in the current day mattress market. Bangalore has seen its population skyrocket over the last few years, so much so that it has found its way onto Forbes magazine’s list of fastest growing cities in 2016. This rising population would need mattresses to sleep on when night falls, so the market for mattresses in Bangalore is increasing by the day. With this increasing demand there have been new players like Peps starting out in Bangalore, while the experienced Kurlon, Restolex and Duroflex have been increasing production of their reputed designs keeping Bangalore on top of the current Mattress game in India.

The nickname Mattress Bangalore can also be attached to the city because of how dynamically local vendors have adapted to the ever changing market. In today’s world we look online for our shopping and this saves us time and energy having products delivered to our doorsteps. This is important to the market in Bangalore as sales do not stop at shoes and shirts. Bangalore sees the highest furniture related searches online, contributing to 27% of total furniture related searches in the country, which Delhi coming in 2nd with 25% and Mumbai 3rd with 18%. Customers in Bangalore city are looking to purchase home products online and so mattress vendors are feeding that need by delivering mattresses to your doorstep. Ministryofsleep and Sundayrest are Bangalore based companies who cater to the online market for mattresses. Ministryofsleep looks to provide the perfect mattress and even offers a 101 night risk free trial so that it feasible for the online consumer.

As we can see the mattress industry is dynamic and changing with the needs of customers, with Bangalore at the forefront of the online mattress market. This is why we can see the city as Mattress Bangalore, due to its historic roots in the mattress industry and its ever growing and dynamic mattress market. Bangalore is becoming sleep capital of India.

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